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Hobart Estates Trestle Tour

Truckee Donner Railroad Society sponsors a Truckee Trestle Tour every year. See the link to the right for the latest Truckee Trestle Tour schedule. Trestle Tours take a group of people interested in Truckee area railroads on a tour of the surrounding hills to uncover artifacts of past railroads. The finds include old mill sites, railroad maintenance areas, rolling stock, old railroad grades, and yes, even trestles. Sites visited will include the Truckee Lumber Co., Crown Willamette Paper Co., Hobart Estates [Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Co.], Boca & Loyalton Ry. [later Clover Valley Lumber Co.], and Verdi Lumber Co, among others. A dry climate has helped preserve these artifacts from the late 19th and early 20th century. Come along on a trip to these old lines!

Below: Boca and Loyalton, Verdi Lumber, and Hobart Estate all came through Sardine Valley. This is most likely grade from Boca and Loyalton, later relaid to narrow gauge by Hobart Estate using the same ties. Spike holes for standard gauge and narrow gauge were found on the same ties. Trestle Tour 2007 - ties in valley

Below: Remnants of a flat car in the area of Hobart Mills built by Carter Brothers of Sausalito. 2007 carter brothers flat car

Below: A trestle in the woods that is stiill standing. Note the large rocks on the foundation used as support for the trestle. Trestle Tour 2007

2010 Truckee Trestle Tour
Attend the Trestle Tour for summer 2010.

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